Epoxy floors will give your old floor a new life with epoxy custom coating

Epoxy can be applied to existing floors as well as to new floors. Epoxy floor coating is a great method to make sure that your garage or shop floor looks it’s very best. It will give your floor a good looking finish that will last for many years.


Epoxy protects floors and gives it a plastic-like finish & it also comes in a variety of colors and styles. You can go with a simple, solid color epoxy floor – which you can choose from the standard color palette or you can get the “Showroom Look” complete with color flakes and a clear coat.

As experienced local epoxy flooring contractors we offer quality epoxy flooring services- for your home, office, shop and industrial settings. Opting for epoxy flooring is the best way to preserve your floor, it is appealing and of utmost supreriority.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Flooring and Coating Makes Easy

Epoxy flooring is offered in two ways.

You can either; you can either use epoxy resins for flooring your ground or opting for just coating your floor. Both services entail a non-slippery and polished-smooth surface.

The following are some of the basic types of epoxy floors, although some are applicable in industrial fixings- anti-slip epoxy flooring, anti-static epoxy flooring, epoxy flaked flooring, gravelled epoxy flooring, mortar epoxy flooring and more.

There are many epoxy floors, and a lot of new designs keep flooding the market, but we’ve got you covered!

Transform your dirt area into the new space you’re looking for.

Epoxy floors are stress-free; they are much more easy to clean. Exclusive epoxy floor offers the best epoxy flooring that is ever clean, sterile and anti-dust attractive due to its resin content.
You don’t have to worry about the kids getting all messed up, with this floor in your home. An epoxy floor is mostly germ-free and thus allergies are at a minimum. This peculiarities of epoxy floors are unmatched by any other flooring.

Very Little Maintenance.

Another benefit to epoxy floors is that it requires little or no maintenance. With its dust resistance properties, maintenance is required when it has physical damages, which rarely occurs and exclusive epoxy flooring have a range of experts fit for that job.

Affordable Epoxy Floor Coating

Dependable and long-lasting

At exclusive epoxy flooring, we offer the best services, and our craftsmanship is unbeatable as we our staffs are well trained and qualified in the area. We are reliable, unwavering, upright and professional and we offer the best service, be it epoxy flooring or epoxy coating.

Even while epoxy floors can be expensive to maintain our prices are customer friendly and meet the quality of your needs. We are willing to take charge of your flooring troubles.

Durable Epoxt Floor Coating

The trendy Epoxy Flakes Flooring

This type of epoxy floor not only beautifies your home, but it also gives your home an artistic and a graceful look. This floor has coloured chips, i.e. inlaid flakes- they are covered with flaked epoxy which is available in multiple colours; their applications depend on your budget and the area to be covered.

Epoxy floors are long-lasting and also exquisite. You can replace your floor by opting to epoxy flooring or coat your existing floor with epoxy. Nevertheless, epoxy floors are durable.

Affordable Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Enjoy affordable floors for you home, office and industrial settings

As said earlier that these floors can be expensive to maintain although it takes long periods before it gets damaged.

But do not be bothered, exclusive epoxy flooring are affordable and quality guaranteed. You get the full value of your money when you hire us, and we are willing to serve

Epoxy Floor Coating - great choice

Professionalism is your choice

Its no doubt that there are self-help videos explaining how to do epoxy floor coating , but its advisable to opt for professional services. Seek our professional assistance to get your top quality floor coverage.

Choosing a professional flooring company will make sure you get the best epoxy installation, checkups and maintenance. If you are seeking, choose Exclusive epoxy floors. We are simply the best, our prices are affordable, and we are masters at what we do. We assure you there’s no better service than what we offer you


We start each epoxy floor coating project by getting know you and finding out more about your project.
That’s why we want to hear every detail and hopefully give you an opportunity to determine if our company is a good to fit your project. A professional technican comes to your home to understand and explore what you want to accomplish


Looking for a great and affordable epoxy floor coating service? Ready for a fresh, clean floor in your garage, office or public spacer that will help lift your mood? Got a design you’ll like to implement or not? Not sure how to begin? Contact us today and let us turn your dreams into reality.

Epoxy Flooring – give your old floor a new life!
We can create epoxy floor coating that reflects your business, home and personal individuality.